Eta Chapter
City of Columbus

Raised of $1,800 Goal

Welcome to the Eta Chapter's Fundraising Page


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As the premiere Jewish fraternity, one of our most important goals is to give back to others through philanthropic endeavors. Alpha Epsilon Pi Brothers in chapters all over the world practice the Jewish ideal of "Tikkun Olam," or "Repairing the World." Although the Jewish community is spread around the world, AEPi's Repair The World Fund allows us to contribute in a larger and more widespread manner.

This year, the Eta Chapter held the first ever AEPi Dodgeball Tournament on November 16th.  It was loads of fun and a great success. However, we have not yet reached our goal!

This year, we have a goal to raise $10,000.  Every single cent counts.  Our world today needs help, and a lot of it.  Alpha Epsilon Pi's repair the World Fund helps do exactly that.  Donating to 10 different beneficiaries, the fund helps spead the idea of Tikkun Olam and truly improves helps improve the world.

On behalf of the Eta chapter Brotherhood, thank you for your consideration!